• You are a motor liability insurer and want to make a recovery against someone in Germany who is jointly and severally liable?
  • You are a own-damage insurer or underwriter and want to recourse your subrogated claim against the German party who caused the accident?
  • You have a claim according to international sharing agreements against an insurer in Germany?
  • You have a pro-rata liability and need to recourse against third or his third-party private liability insurance?
  • Your policy holder or also insured driver is living in Germany and you have to subrogate because of alcohol, hit-and run driving or not paying the premium?
  • You have a truck/trailer combination recourse according to German law against a German or European insurer?
  • You have a claim because of a defect of product?
  • You want to make an European payment procedure  according to regulation in Germany?

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